A week at Power Curve Performance

A week at Power Curve Performance 2017


Commonly asked what we do at Power Curve Performance.  Here is an over view of the past week to give you an idea.


Monday is always the busy day getting ready for a big week:

We had the EJ arrive for a custom set of extractors to suit the 304 v8 that has installed and tail shaft made to suit the ve rear end, will be very tight getting around all the sub frames and under body!!

Dodge Ram in for running rough and general check over for its new life as a work truck.

Nissan Patrol TD42 ute in for a general check over service and valve set.

Mitsubishi GT3000 that has been here for a long time is up and running with the new in-house built engine and transmission, New aftermarket AEM engine management system and general check over after all this work and ready for tuning!!

2014 79 Series in for an ECU tune.

1998 80 series Landcruiser 4.5 petrol in for a turbo kit, exhaust, haltech ECU, head studs, intercooler, injectors and tune



American imports work ute Dodge Ram Service Power curve Performance Dyno Tuning

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Tuesday came along,

Custom exhaust on an engine conversion we are working on, more on this to come.

Tune on a Lotus Elise with an emerald 3D ECU which isn’t popular in Australia, but we managed to get it up and running as it should.  Has been off the road far too long for the local doctor who was unable to find anyone who could diagnose and fix it.  Until now.

Ford Ranger was dropped off late Monday night after being filled up with petrol, so drain fuel system and service was carried out.

2017 DPF model 79 series in for an ECU tune, father of a local mechanical business who bring us multiple tunes.  Both father and son have their personal Landcruisers tuned with Power Curve Performance.



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Engine Tuning back on the road petrol tuning



Wednesday was here too soon,

A very rare genuine left-hand drive BMW E30 M3 was here in for a miss and surge issue, locating a very contaminated fuel system and fuel tank.

Proposal for future work on an HG Holden not running right after being to a few workshops was happy with the chat he had with our team and the expectation of work that was to be completed here booked in next week.

Nissan Patrol ZD30 in for an incorrectly diagnosed suspected turbo failure from another shop which turned out to be a common intercooler fault.

2012 79 series Land Cruiser ute ECU tune.



fuel tank contamination Dyno Tuning Sunshine Coast BMW

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Thursday came around,

2016 79 series Land Cruiser in for an exhaust, crossover pipe, NPC clutch, Diesel Care secondary fuel filter and ECU tune.

2014 200 series in for an ECU tune and HPD catch can.  The family is off on an Australia wide trip next week.  We investigated the 3 week old 200 series for any issues that may occur for the family also.  With this vehicle being so new to them we were happy to find it was in top quality.

HX holden ute with a failed LS1 engine, currently diagnosing the reason for failure.  Rebuild or new engine project for the next few weeks.



EGR off, DPF off diesel performance chip tuning dyno sunshine coast Queensland toowoomba brisbane

79 Series LandCruiser Sunshine Coast diesel tuning diesel performance caloundra aura






Friday showed up all too quickly as they always seem to do!!

Nissan stagea in for running rough and hard to start

Nissan Navara D40 Auto in for an ECU tune.

2008 200 Series Service, return customer now regular services the 200 with us after we did an ECU tune on the Toyota.

80 series land cruiser went on the dyno for a check over and get it up and running with the new Haltech.



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ford ranger mazda bt5o servicing qld sunshine coast nambour maroochydore aura brightwater caloundra







All this was completed with our 3 Technicians, plus the in between minor works that never gets mentioned and ongoing proposals, phone calls and customer follow ups!!

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