Air Bags are commonplace in most 4×4.  A must have accessory with suspension upgrades airbags allow you to fit a suspension kit that will ride level when towing or unloaded.  Often asked to install a lift with different levels.  This can create the nose or tail to sit up or down when unloaded.  Not only is this annoying to the eye and ride it is unsafe also.

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How do airbags work?

Install airbags on your vehicle and you’ll be able to lift and level up a sagging rear end when towing caravans, boats, campervans and trailers or when carrying extra uneven loads. Airbags will give your vehicle the extra support needed in the suspension for more comfortable, economical and safer driving. Airbags can be adjusted for varying loads and road conditions by inflating or deflating, just like inflating or deflating a car tyre, to give you rear to front and side to side levelling control of your vehicle.


Where do the airbags go?

Airbags suit a wide range of vehicles with all sorts of suspension whether it be in between the leaf/axle and chassis, inside a coil spring and even a full coil replacement.

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Power Curve Performance as Superior Engineering dealers can now supply and instal Airbag man products inhouse.  If you have just purchased a new van or camper or have a trade ute.  You can now drive safely loaded or unloaded with this great airbag upgrade.  Simply add this to your suspension upgrade in house with our sales team when you book in your next upgrade or service.

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