My Car Just Needs A Tune

Thinking of tuning your common rail diesel, diesel pump, Holley, LS, drag car…    Most days we receive calls from customers requesting My Car Just Needs A Tune.

We then proceed to ask multiple questions to find the best result and outcome for you and your individual package and requirements.

Top Questions You Maybe Asked:

  • What kind of car do you need to be tuned?
  • What engine and how long has it been in the vehicle?
  • Fuel
  • Year model
  • Transmission
  • Current modifications
  • Required and future modifications
  • Purpose  of vehicle
  • Expected result
  • Budget

Seems like a lot of questions before you even get to speak to a dyno technician.

The reason for the questions is not only a difference in price for you the customer, the way we tune it.

In one day Power Curve is likely to have customers ring with  ie:

  • 2011 Nissan Patrol with a 3″ exhaust- Power Curve tune recommendation ECU tune
  • 1999 Nissan Patrol, 4.2, upgraded pump, intercooler, snorkel, exhaust, Power Curve Fan Upgrade…- Power Curve tune recommendation Diesel Pump tune
  • 2008 Nissan Patrol LS conversion- Power Curve tune recommendation HP tune
  • 2001 Nissan Patrol Duramax Conversion- Power Curve Performance EFI Live Tune

There are may more variations of different calls Power Curve receive regarding tuning Nissan Patrols, Toyota Land Cruisers, SS Commodores, Ford Falcons.. etc

This gives a good indication of why these four customers will be wanting very different outcomes from their Power Curve Tunes.

commdore ve tune


What Should You Ask or Tell Pre-Tune?

Everything you think you want to know. Let us know the maximum amount of information.

  • I noticed at the lights it stalls
  • In the morning it can be hard to start
  • I have white smoke coming from the exhaust
  • It’s been tuned elsewhere prior
  • These are my expectations
  • I need the car by this date
  • When in traffic it runs very hot and I am concerned about this
  • What else do I need to look after my engine?

All of these can be great questions and information to provide and have you driving with a great on road tune.


dyno tuning sunshine coast speed way


The Power Curve Performance Tune Process

Power Curve Performance is equipped with a dyno dynamics 2wd dyno located in the busy industrial hub or Burnside Nambour.

When booking a spot on they dyno with our tech you will be required to pay $100 non-refundable dyno booking fee.  When you arrive for your booking this is deducted from your tune price.

They dyno is a core element for our Sunshine Coast performance hub and the deposit ensures that everyone is ready for a tune.  With wait times sometimes up to three weeks for a booking, we manage this time as much as possible with this process for you the customer.

On arrival, you will be greeted by our friendly team and we will go through your expectations of your tune and ensure your vehicle is ready to be tuned.

A dyno waiver must be signed by every customer prior to any dyno time.  The waiver explains our dyno procedure, risks and an understanding between both parties.

We offer a pre-dyno check if required where a power curve team member can check the fundamentals of your vehicle for any visible pre-existing issues.

Tune Process

The tuning process can take hours to days depending on the tune, engine, and vehicle.

If the vehicle is not right to go on they dyno or there are issues with the pre-check you will have the opportunity for us to fix it or via your own method.

There is no entry to the workshop or dyno however if previously requested we are able to offer footage of the vehicle on they dyno for you.

Dyno tuning an engine is time-consuming and if the engine is not suitable to leave the team you will be given notification of this prior to collection.  It means that vehicles that leave are doing so at a quality standard and the customer is getting value for money.

In most situations excluding non-registered etc vehicles, your tuner will take you for a drive to ensure that you are happy with all aspects of your tune.

On your departure, you will receive your dyno read out and we endeavor for our customers to enjoy the experience.  It’s not every day your car is dynoed.

 toyota 200 series ecu tune sunshine coast power curve performance

Customer Pre-Tune List

Full fuel tank with best quality fuel to have your engine running at its best.

On time for your appointment so we can spend the optimum time on your tune.

If your tune is ready early we will call you, please allow or make plans to leave the car with us for the full specified time frame.

Service up to date.  If a service is required we can assist you with this at the time of booking.