Deciphering CV Joint Clicking: A Diagnostic Journey with Power Curve Automotive

Welcome to Power Curve Automotive, your trusted destination for unraveling automotive mysteries. Today, we shed light on the persistent conundrum of CV joint clicking, observed in a Holden Captiva at Burnside, Nambour 4560. Join us as we navigate through the diagnosis and resolution of this perplexing issue.

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CV clicking


CV joints, or constant velocity joints, play a pivotal role in transmitting power from the transmission to the wheels while allowing for the flexibility required in steering and suspension systems.

These joints consist of a set of bearings enclosed in a protective casing filled with grease, ensuring smooth rotation and minimal friction. As the vehicle navigates uneven terrain or negotiates tight turns, CV joints maintain constant velocity, enabling seamless power transfer without compromising maneuverability.

Essentially, they serve as the linchpin between the engine and the wheels, translating rotational energy into forward motion.

Without properly functioning CV joints, the vehicle’s drivetrain would be prone to excessive wear and tear, compromising performance, handling, and ultimately, safety on the road. Thus, maintaining healthy CV joints is paramount to ensuring the overall functionality and longevity of the vehicle.

Upon examination of the Holden Captiva - cv JOINT CLICKING

It became apparent that a clicking sound, originating from the right-hand CV joint, had progressed. A thorough test drive confirmed the diagnosis, leading us to elevate the vehicle for further inspection.

Despite intact boots, the right-hand CV shaft required replacement. Additionally, deteriorated lower control arm bushes necessitated a complete arm replacement to ensure optimal performance and safety. Furthermore, oil residue found over the sump and front diff indicated potential leaks, warranting attention.

With the client’s approval, Power Curve Automotive promptly replaced the right-hand driveshaft, addressing the root cause of the CV joint clicking.

At Power Curve Automotive, our commitment to excellence drives us to resolve automotive issues efficiently and effectively. As we conclude this diagnostic journey, we reaffirm our dedication to providing top-tier service to our valued clients. Remember, when faced with automotive challenges, Power Curve Automotive is your trusted ally on the road to reliable performance and peace of mind.