Holden Colorado ECU Tune

Justins’ Holden Colorado ECU Tune took place November 2016.  Justin lives in the Brisbane area and had been recommended to Power Curve Performance by a friend.  Over 12 months later I still recall Justin and my conversations.  Like many Justin probably questioned my understanding of his issue.  Justin loves his Holden Colorado and for all intents, in purpose, it is a great ute, 4×4 and family vehicle for him.  Justin just was not 100% happy.  The performance and lets say go of the Colorado just weren’t matching the price tag.  Luckily for Justin, we had a simple solution and  to his surprise, the price tag was extremely competitive and great value for money.


Holden Colorado ECU Tune

Holden Colorado ECU Tune

Justin and Emma over a few conversations came to an easy conclusion the ECU Tune was the way to go.  Now 13 months later you can see Justin is just as happy with his Holden Colorado ECU Tune.  Justin is one of the most active members on our facebook page and gives us great feedback and support.

Justin isn’t just a logo follower, he follows the team because of the outcome of his Holden Colorado ECU Tune.   Increase at peak range is 32.4 horsepower.  You can clearly see prior Justin had an issue with the factory power dropping down rather than a nice Power Curve (notice the name of the business there) lifting and curving to give him a nice response.  The calibrator has safely adjusted and perfected this to suit the Colorado engine in this Holden.  The main difference Justin will now feel is the Power Curve change in his lower RPM where he would of experienced lag previously.

Holden colorado ECU tune, Customer feedback, Power Curve Performance

We replied to Justin after our automated response, however, we can see from here that the ECU tune has resolved his issue.

Next on the upgrade list for Justin

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