2009 Toyota Landcruiser ECU Tune

2009 Toyota Landcruiser ECU Tune shows just why it is an unquestionable must to install a performance clutch.  A rise in 220NM of torque leaves the standard clutch to fail every time.  Toyota clutches are known to slip and the added power and torque achievable via the ECU Tune will destroy them every time.


2009 Toyota Landcruiser ECU Tune

Clutch upgrade options

4Terrain and Australian design completely tested on their Australian dyno and built to withstand our Australian climate.

New to CI is the Heavy Duty (HD) clutch system; a tough, no-nonsense clutch upgrade. Engineered to handle loads of torque, it leaves standard specification clutches behind.

The HD clutch is built to endure the rugged demands of workhorse vehicles. A logical choice for those who demand relentless reliability.

The HD clutch system is ideal for vehicles involved in activities that subject standard clutches to higher than usual loads. It is equally comfortable navigating congested city streets.

Such activities include:

  • Towing
  • Engine modification
  • Delivery driving
  • Trade use

HD clutches have a minimum of 20% increase in torque capacity, that provides a reduction in ‘slip’ while simultaneously increasing the delivery of power over a wider horsepower range. They provide drivers with a powerful next-level upgrade to standard kits and are available NOW.



2009 Toyota Landcruiser ECU Tune

2009 Toyota Landcruiser ECU Tune

The dyno sheet depicts the perfect cost effective upgrade for the 2009 Toyota Landcruiser.  There is no question if you own your Landcruiser as a farm work ute pulling a horse float or a beach weekend and tradie ute you need the power.  The Landcruiser ute is designed as a work ute and has been an Australian icon for many for years as the workhorse of the land.  The problem with the V8 is it is with all of its hopes underpowered.  A clutch replacement is going to occur be it from brand new or down the road in the cruiser.  Pick the Aussie made with its 3year or 50000Km warranty and treat yourself to some real work power!




2009 Toyota Landcruiser ECU Tune

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