Mazda 6 Service

Mazda 6 Service and Power Curve Performance are not two things people often associate.  The Mazda 6 Service belongs to the wife of the owner of two cars we care for you may know.  Looking back through our blogs the Plymouth Duster and grocery getter Chrysler are regular vehicles in the workshop.  The owner a local business owner here in Nambour.  They have owned the Mazda 6 for 6 months and its ready for a service.

All in all John is as well attuned to buying a good car as making a diamond ring.  This Mazda 6 looks to be well serviced and cared for.  John is very busy at this point in time and an unreliable care is not on the cards.  Often hard but worth the effort John is one of the great people who know its better to do it than leave it.  Johns wife is currently recovering from surgery and he has less than a month to move house.  With all of this on his plate taking care of his wife’s Mazda 6 Service is our pleasure.

Mazda 6 Service

6 months new to the family the Mazda 6 is in good working order on a whole.  A check engine light did concern John and the oil was topped up at home.  On initial turnkey, the vehicle was hard to start.  The battery was running low and causing communication errors with the low voltage.  Battery replaced and Mazda 6 driven with codes cleared resolved the issue.

Basics such as oil and filter are always replaced and for the vehicle, the cabin filter was needed.  Not long road worthied new brake pads were approved as they where low and keeping the family safe on the road is of top importance.  Being only months since the road worthy we did keep the pads to show John as you like to see for your self when investing money into something you assume is done.  Tyres checked and Mazda 6 Service is back on the road.

Power Curve Performance Feedback

Mazda 6 Service or 2.2 Ford Ranger, our workshop is not just for high end performance or race vehicles.  Our team is a unique mix of young families and even a new apprentice with great values.  The days of ladies being given the wrong deal or overcharged have gone with our team.  Having our own young families, relatives and children we like to see our female clients safe and confident in the maintenance and condition of their vehicle on the road.

If you are looking for a new service team give the team at Power Curve Performance a call for an estimate on price and service we can provide for you.

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