Secondary Filtration System

Secondary Filtration System- are they worth the $ and are they needed?

90% of our ECU Performance Tune customers are travelers.  Travelers towing a van or boat from the coast to the inner regions of the country.

Common Rail Diesels they are now controlled by highly electronic injection systems.  With all electronic systems, they are very touchy and require a close to a pure environment.

90% of customers who are traveling to remote regions and unknowingly be putting contaminated or poor quality fuel in their tanks.

If you look at the rate of turnover of fuel here on the Sunshine Coast compared to that of a small country town.  How often would you expect them to be topped up in comparison?

There’s a lot larger flow of turnover at the pump here on the Sunshine Coast to rural Australia.

The result is contaminated fuel causing damage to injectors with potentially excessive repair bills.

For some, it can be a rebuild to an engine.  Given our largest market of tunes and customers is for 200 Series Land Cruisers the rebuild on these is over the $15000 price tag.

This is why Power Curve fit secondary filtration systems.


The Secondary Filtration System Solution 

There are two options a pre or a final filter.  We support the Diesel Care filter as an Australian company, tidy well-designed product, and great results.

Diesel care makes the two systems however we both agree the final system is the one of choice.

The Secondary final filtration system sits after your factory fuel filter with a 2 or 5-micron filtration system.

The idea is your primary filter will catch the larger debris and the secondary filtration system the smaller debris that would then go through your high-pressure pump and common rail injectors causing damage on the way through.

If the nozzles can not spray efficiently your engine is not performing correctly opening the door for engine malfunction.

 Diesel Central diagram of the Secondary Filtration System

diesel central filtration diagram

The secondary filtration system is a 2 or 5 micron depending on the vehicle.  The primary is a 30 micron and sits before the factory filtration system.

Secondary filtration system needs changing depending on drive conditions every second filter change compared to the primary filtration being every factory filter change.

The factory filtration system will catch the majority of contaminants the secondary is a line of defense that the two primary filters are unable to capture.

Power Curve Performance service oil and fuel filtration systems are changed every service.  Air filters are checked and monitored, these components are better maintained for our customers who drive quality and much-loved vehicles.

Power Curve Performance Package

Power Curve customers looking for a traveling upgrade most often choose

  1. Power Curve Performance ECU Tune
  2. Legendex Exhausts upgrade
  3. HPD Catch Can
  4. Diesel Care Secondary Filtration System

Manual Toyotas also require a performance clutch and we recommend an NPC

legendex hpd and diesel care systems secondary filtration system

Need a suspension or lift upgrade?  We do that too…