Everything you need to know about 4x4 Suspension Lift Kits

Are you looking to upgrade the suspension of your vehicle? No matter if you need to get that extra clearance for those weekends away camping or to give yourself that extra ground clearance when going off-road, you can’t go past a 4×4 suspension lift kit.

At Power Curve Automotive, we are the Sunshine Coast’s 4wd experts and provide reliable lift kits suited to your vehicle, budget and goals. If you plan to head off-road in your vehicle, a lift kit is a great way to safely and comfortably navigate Australia’s rugged terrain.

What is a suspension lift kit?

A suspension lift kit is a 4wd upgrade that raises the vehicle’s overall height and ground clearance. A lift kit contains all the parts required for the specific vehicle model. While there are many brands available, at Power Curve Automotive, we primarily use Dobinson and Fulcrum. These are both Australian brands that are tested in our country’s challenging terrain. However, our experienced team will recommend the best kit to suit your vehicle and budget.


What are the benefits of a 4x4 suspension lift?

There are many benefits of a 4×4 suspension lift, with the primary advantage being the increased clearance. With a more significant distance between the road and undercarriage, this extra height makes it easier and safer when driving through tougher terrain, including sand, snow, rocks or water.

After the kit is fitted, you will have room to install bigger tires, more suited for rugged terrain. This will deliver a better overall performance due to higher traction. Most importantly, a suspension lift gives you a safety advantage when driving due to better visibility of the road and any obstacles.

Why choose Power Curve Automotive for your Sunshine Coast 4wd suspension upgrades?

Our team are experts in fitting suspension lift kits and have installation experience on a range of vehicles. When you choose Power Curve Automotive for your 4wd upgrade, we ensure to learn about your reason for wanting a lift kit. Whether you plan to tour the country, tow a caravan or enjoy off-road driving, we will recommend the kit best suited to your needs.

We also consider the accessories you have or plan to fit to your vehicle, including bull bars, second batteries, recovery gear or touring set-ups such as draws. This gives us an accurate understanding of your vehicle’s weight to ensure the right lift kit is fitted. The team at Power Curve Automotive treat every 4wd upgrade like their own and are dedicated to providing a reliable upgrade for your vehicle.

For more information on 4wd suspension lift kits for your vehicle, contact the friendly Power Curve Automotive team. Our specialised staff are the Sunshine Coast’s lift kit experts and can help you with any questions you may have.


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