Toyota Manual Clutch Slip

Toyota manual clutch slip is a guarantee when adding power or towing with a standard Toyota clutch.

Many customers who have owned their manual Toyota for some time often express they have had up to 3 clutch replacements under manufacture warranty.

At this point, Toyota often installs a performance clutch. Often they opt for an NPC Performance Clutch depending on the preference of management.

npc performance clutches sunshine coast dyno tuning Toyota manual clutch slip


Power Curve most popular upgrade for the Manual Diesel Toyota.

*NPC Performance clutch upgrade
*Power Curve Performance ECU Tune
*Catch Can
*Legendex Exhaust system

Customer Clutch Slip Experience 

Not looking to tune your manual Toyota and are just having clutch slip issues give us a call to have an NPC Clutch fitted today.  Do it right the first time.

This Toyota Landcruiser is on its third warranty clutch and the NPC will be fourth and last. Landcruisers purpose is to carry a large slide on motor home around Australia.

Not 100% sure on what clutch was initially fitted he opted to not fit the NPC clutch until we tuned the Cruiser.

Toyotas are a very nice vehicle for us to ECU Tune, each individual vehicle is custom tuned here in house on our Dyno Dynamics Dyno.

The gains that are to be had and the increase in on-road drive is defiantly well worth the drive to the Sunshine Coast.

With these gains, the owner of the vehicle discovered he didn’t have an NPC clutch installed due to very noticeable clutch slip.

At this point, the NPC Clutch was fitted.  The NPC Clutch is a much heavier and longer pedal.

Patrick has been fitting NPC for over 10 years and to date, we have never had a customer return requiring a warranty on their clutch.

As you can see from the dyno sheet the customer also had a unnamed for respect purposes performance chip installed.

When Ian originally contacted me he expressed he had found the chip seemed to cut out when he needed it most.

When the engine was under load, towing his slide on camper up an incline or attempting to overtake.

The experience of this was extremely unsettling given when you feel you have the backing of a performance upgrade to assist you through overtaking you don’t want that purchase to let you down in the process.

Dyno results

Landcruiser ECU tune performance chip standard sunshine coast dyno tuning clutch slip

The dyno sheet has been labelled with standard, chip and ECU Tune PCP.  The arrows are pointing to the power curves on the graph.

If you look at the bottom of the graph you will see between 1600-2250 RPM, where your towing, overtaking and usually driving your Land Cruiser.

Power Curve Performance tune engines to perform here.

The corresponding lines with the dots are the Landcruiser Torque curves.  What is important to this customers real value for money is at the RPM where driving power is increased by amazing heights.

The Diesel Performance chip that has been installed previously dips dramatically at the most important area Ian was experiencing and expressed to me.  “The chip cuts out right when I’m trying to overtake.”

Here it is in real life, diagnosed on the dyno what Ian experienced wasn’t just in his mind or lack of power it was the power chip its self.

The difference between the Power Curve Performance ECU tune and the performance chip is the ECU tune is effectively adding multiple purpose performance chips to your vehicle and a little more.

We are actually tuning your engine not just saying lets lift fuel by about this much and hope for the best lets add a bit of rail pressure.

Ultimately our team has changed the 79 series Land Cruiser from 157.8HP to 192.5HP.  Ian is going to notice the difference on his trip back to Sydney guaranteed.

For more information on chip vs ECU and other projects pop by our youtube channel or read some of our other blogs.


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