Womans Perspective ECU Tune

A woman’s perspective of their vehicle often gets me from A to B with the kids safely and hubby please keep it reliable on the road for our family.

Power Curve Performance has nothing to offer my wife and she would never ever let me upgrade her car… This one of the most common statements I (Emma lady owner of PCP)  hear from husbands and partners who walk through the door and leave heads hung wanting but not sure how to convince the lady of the house.


Womans Perspective of an ECU Tune

One of our favorite ECU tunes was to a local 2.2L Ford Ranger.

A daily driver for one of our local business relations wife.

Knowing her now well myself I wanted to share her story and comments/ reactions since we ECU tuned her 2.2 Ranger around 12 months ago.

She is a mother of two young teenagers, with a hobby business, job, husband and all of the commitments that come with the roll.

Husband and wife were equally disappointed with the every day throttle response, overtaking and merging capabilities and well they were just on a whole not impressed.

The husband has a 3.2ltr Ranger for work and they were questioning their 2.2Ltr Ranger purchase decision.

Weekends for the family include cricket, tennis, friend commitments, trips to Brisbane, camping, farm work and lots of beach camping fishing adventures.

The large tray on the back has a custom built canopy and is always stocked with camping equipment for any adventure the family may want to partake in.


ford ranger 2.2ltr ecu tune sunshine coast


ECU Tune

Power Curve Performance ECU Tuning team provided her with a tune and Im not even going to tell or show you the dyno results!!




Well, Sarahs response to the tune is what really matters.


We enjoy a lot of weekend trips with Sarah and this is what she says to me.


I love driving my car now.  The first weekend she took it on her mum job weekend they were off to Noosa for cricket.

The steep incline between Tewantin and Cooroy is a great disappointment for too many Common Rail Diesel owners, falling behind in the slow lane.

She was out of the slow lane and the 2.2ltr Ford Ranger was still pulling when she reached the peak! Win one for the ECU Tune.

Every day drive around Nambour getting the kids to school and dealing with the local traffic and hills.

I can take off straight away and there’s no hesitation to get me into the lane I want to be in.  It drives smoother and the load on the back isn’t a concern anymore.

Sarah even gave hubbies 3.2ltr work Ranger on with limited expectations and left him far behind.  Win two, three and four for the ECU Tune.

The last picture above is Sarah 4wd off road in the driver’s seat, the ECU tune gave her the confidence to give the climb a go while hubby cheered her on in the passenger seat with a Great Northern in hand.  Something she would not have attempted before.  Win five ECU tune.

Sarahs husband is a keen beach fisherman and took the ranger for a trip with son and Patrick a couple of weekends back.  Patrick and Jason were impressed with the difference the power and response have given the Ranger on the beach making it a joy to drive. Win six ECU Tune.

ford ranger service sunshine coast performance tuning and servicing



A lot of tuners talk about great dyno figures and ultimate power.

Sarahs not wanting a powerhouse drag car and that’s not what she has.  We can build that for her but that’s not what this family asked for.

Sarah has a family car she now loves and feels confident driving.  She’s happy with the purchase of her Ford Ranger now it’s drivable on road.

From a womans perspective, the ECU tune is just what Sarah needed and wanted.

After the fishing trip, the Ranger came in for a service.  The engine and all components were in great condition and we did a lot of little maintenance jobs to keep it this way.

The ECU tune has in no way caused any faults or deterioration to the engine.

This is what Power Curve call Tuning the ENGINE not the dyno sheet.  

Sure the results are there on the dyno sheet in hubbies office pinned to the wall but it’s there because of how much his wife loves to drive her car and the difference the tune has had to their Ford Ranger.

The family is now confidently looking at purchasing a camper van or trailer to extend their weekend adventures and have said this is now achievable due to the ECU tune.


Give our team a call for more on how we can best Tune your Engine, be it a Ford Ranger or and LS petrol conversion.